Special tool production

Special tool production from solid carbide and PCD

In cooperation with our premium business partners Supimex can offer you a wide range of high-performance cutting tools.

  • Solid carbide step drill — helical fluted
  • Solid carbide tapered reamer
  • Solid carbide step drill — straight fluted
  • Solid carbide step drill for backwards chamfering
  • Solid carbide tapered mill
  • Solid carbide step core drill
  • Solid carbide circular form milling tool
  • Solid carbide combination tool (Drilling — Milling)

Other Cutting Tools

  • Tools with ISO-indexable inserts, cartridges and fine-boring units
  • Carbide-tipped tools
  • Gun drills
  • Taps and thread mills
  • Adjustable reamers (Carbide, Cermet, PCD)
  • Any kind of tool holders

Hobs for

  • cylindrical gears
  • roller chain sprockets
  • timing pulleys
  • splines and serrations
  • power take-off
  • special profiles
  • worm gears
  • Bore and shank type
  • Tandem hobs
  • Multi gash hobs
  • Skiving hobs
  • High Speed Steel and solid carbide hobs