Fiber laser cleaning machine


Price from:
28 260 $
It can protect the surface of the cleaning object and it is still intact after the process. The fiber laser cleaning machine can selectively clean the dirt without damaging the substrate by setting laser parameters such as spot size, single pulse energy, pulse width, repetition rate, etc.

It’s environmentally friendly and green cleaning.

It can clean the surface of the fragile materials. Since laser cleaning does not have contacts with the object surface, it is convenient to use, and very easy to clean up the area where other conventional cleaning methods cannot reach.

Fast, robust, and no maintenance required.

Product Features
Efficient and Fast
Efficient and fast, can remove rust on metal parts with various geometries.

Low Maintenance
Industrial laser systems are very low maintenance and have no consumable costs.

Low Energy Consumption
New fiber laser based technologies offer low electrical consumption.

Marking Samples
Oxide Removal
Mold Cleaning
Paint Removal
Industry Application
De-coating: remove a layer of material from a surface, e.g. on equipment.

Labelling and marking: cleaning before labelling and marking on metals and plastics.

Historic & art restoration: cleaning the fine layers of dust, grease ect. off paintings & artwork.

Rust removal: removing rust from old steel parts or concrete.

Paint cleaning: the removal of paint from a surface.

Mold cleaning: the cleaning of molds after use, such as baking plates, tire molds, etc.

Railway tracks: removing dirt, grime, wet leaves, etc. for smooth operations.

Preparation treatment: removal of lubricants, contaminants, grease, oils, etc. for surface preparation.

Tool cleaning: you can clean tools with fiber laser easily.

Stone restoration: the cleaning of buildings, ornaments and sculptures that are made of stone.